3-Tab Shingles

3-tab shingles were once the most common used type of shingle, however today, 3-tabs make up less than 15% of all asphalt shingle roofs. Variations of the 3-tab shingle have been part of the US Roofing industry for several decades. Historically 3-tabs utilized an organic mat, but today the manufactures all utilze a fiberglass mat in the construction of the shingle. Many builders still install 3-tabs due to their ease of installation, color selection, and lower costs.  While susceptible to damage and blow-offs due to their single layer, they can easily be repaired.

3-tab shingles are made with reinforced fiberglass, coated in asphalt, and then covered with granules to give them durability and color. The wind ratings for 3-tabs are 60 mph, regardless of brand. Most manufacturers have rated their 3-tabs as ’25-year’ shingles, although some still make a ’20-year’ shingle. 3-tabs are approximately 36” long, and have 3 sections, each about 12” wide, hence the term ‘3-tab’.

Key Benefits

  • Less expensive than other options.
  • Readily available.
  • Many different color options.

Some of our color options:

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