What You Should Know Before Signing A Roofing Contract

A house is incomplete without a roof. A roof provides protection, shelter, beauty and value to your home.  Before you commit to the first roofer (or second or third) that gives you a quote, there are some things that you need to consider before A roofing contract...

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Roof Gutter Maintenance

Clogged gutters can cause damage to your roof over a time.  Remember to check roof gutters and downspouts for leaks or debris that cause poor drainage. What to look for: Check that gutters are not clogged with leaves and debris and that they are draining properly....

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Roof Shingles and Fire Rating

Even though it’s not something you’d like to think about, it’s necessary to take all precautions for your home, in the case that it ever has to endure a fire.  Your roof is no exception.  A series of laboratory tests have been developed to measure how well roofing...

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Places On Your Roof Where Leaks Can Happen

A roof is one of the most important necessity of life.  It helps keep intruders out of our dwelling spaces, and protects us from the harshness of nature. Here in the Dallas area, nature tends to show its harshness most through rain, intense heat, sleet, etc, and if...

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Roof Tips from Southern Roofing LLC

Common Roof Problems Often roof issues go undetected for years - until a major storm or leaks occur.  Long term damage left undetected and unrepaired can often be cited as a reason for insurance companies to deny claims - leaving you responsible for the full cost of...

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