Solar Tubes and Skylights

Today’s consumers look at more than the price of products, they look for green, energy-saving solutions. At Southern Roofing, we are a leader in providing green roofing solutions such as energy efficient products, skylight and solar tube  installation. The products we use meet the highest green standards, and whenever possible they are locally produced, can be renewed easily, or recycled.



Installing a skylight system by Southern Roofing will allow natural light to enter your home. Don’t settle for a non-roofing company that knows nothing about the roof on which the skylight rests, make sure that the system is installed correctly by an experienced roofing company to prevent leaks and surrounding roof degradation.

Solar Tubes

Solar Tubes provide an excellent source of light and improved atmosphere in your home.  Solar tubes use a unique combination of tubing and mirrors to bring natural light to rooms where a traditional skylight isn’t feasible. Avoid the often costly mistake of allowing a non-roofing company access to your roof. Poor installation can lead to leakage of water and air – and be very costly to repair.

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