Clogged gutters can cause damage to your roof over a time.  Remember to check roof gutters and downspouts for leaks or debris that cause poor drainage.

What to look for:

  • Check that gutters are not clogged with leaves and debris and that they are draining properly.
  • Look for cracks, open seams, or sags where the gutter has pulled away from the roof.

How to fix:

  • Wear rubber gloves; debris can hide sharp objects and it is smelly. Scoop debris into a bucket that you hang from your ladder using an s-hook.
  • Bring a hammer with you to fix any loose nails you come across and tighten the gutter back to the roof line.
  • After you scoop out debris, flush the gutter with a hose.
  • To clean the downspouts, insert the end of a hose into the downspout and turn the hose on full. Do the same from the bottom. Don’t force the hose into the bends, because it could get stuck. If there are clogs in the bends, use a plumber’s auger (snake) to work them out, or dissemble the bend to remove the clog.